Don’t count the days, make the days count

8th May 2017

Amy Murgatroyd

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Last weekend, in front of 90,000 people at Wembley stadium, Anthony Joshua beat Wladimir Klitschko to retain the IBF, WBA and IBO world heavyweight title. Joshua showed many of the traits that we, here at Strategic People, also demonstrate ourselves.

A fight doesn’t just start and end in the ring. It takes months of training and weeks of promotion, both of which are applicable to our team.

The training: All those hours in the gym for Joshua, the perseverance, the set-backs – they are all similar to what we do. When a member of staff joins the team, it’s not just a case of throwing them on the phones, throwing them in the deep end, and letting them learn from their mistakes.

We sit down and learn about their goals, we find their strengths and weaknesses and we listen! This enables us to provide the highest quality service we can. Through experienced staff members (Clare, Tom, Bethan and Amy) plus external ‘emotional intelligence’ trainers such as Nicola Wilson, we coach our staff to become the best they can be.

Recruitment, we know, isn’t just a simple business of getting people a job. It’s learning about the person on the other side of the phone – like Joshua will have learned all about Klitschko’s style before he stepped in the ring.

The promotion: What good is a boxing match without the big build-up. Like us, what’s the point in having a firm if you don’t know about it. We’ve rebranded, you may have seen our emails, but it’s enabling us to build our brand. Like Muhammad Ali once said: “I’m number one, after em, it don’t matter.” That’s a similar stance to what we want to take, we should be the ultimate recruitment firm, the one you can depend on.

And then there’s the fight itself. We’re ready to throw that punch, we are the best. Joshua has 19 wins from 19 fights. Our retention rate, like AJ, is almost 100 per cent – in fact it’s 96. Which shows the excellent work we do in the ring, sorry, in our job.

Strategic People is all about giving you the best service, just like AJ gave us one of the greatest fights in living memory. We may not always get it right, even Joshua was floored in the sixth round, but we’ll get back up, dust ourselves down, and get ready to hit back!

That’s why, around our office, you’ll see boxing slogans, and even a punchbag. Our staff have a determined fighting spirit, one which will help us deliver quality candidates, to quality clients.