How To Dodge Lockdown Scoffing 

27th March 2020

Amy Murgatroyd

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We get it, working from home within a stones throw of your fridge is a struggle. The emotional eating becomes out of control due to the worries of the Coronavirus, the boredom of being in 1 house and not seeing your loved ones. The cheeky bag of crisps here, the table spoon of Nutella there… all of these little treats add up. These tasty foods are all scientifically engineered to target your pleasure receptors in your brain quicker. 

It’s easier said than done, but you really do need to watch your food consumption. We’ve had lots of messages from health professionals across the globe that one of the high risk factors of Coronavirus patients is your weight. Obesity or weight gain is dangerous to someone with Coronavirus. Making sure that you’re keeping your immunity up and your risk factors down is key. Here are some ways to make sure you’re maintaining your health whilst tackling the lockdown pangs.

#1 Keep a food diary

What are you eating? When are you eating it? How much are you eating? How do you feel at that moment that drives you to the naughty drawer? Keeping a note of this will help you monitor your snacking and identify your causes for over eating. 

#2 Channel your emotions

Once you have identified your trigger points and your causes for snacking, you can then find other ways to distract yourself. Aim for something that engages your mind such as reading, work, calling a friend, a game (board game or phone game), or listen to a podcast. You must ensure you’re maintaining your mental wellbeing.

#3 Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Make sure that you are stocking your kitchen with ingredients for healthy, filling meals. Set yourself a water target too, drinking water will help you feel fuller for longer and will aid your body with the hydration and energy that it needs to function. Drinking hot drinks such as peppermint tea can suppress your pangs also. As well as all of this you should aim to consume protein-based meals as they leave you feeling fuller for longer. 

#4 Brush your teeth

It’s an odd tip, but it does work. For some reason, brushing your teeths help your curve cravings.

If you’re unsure on how to snack well, here are some ideas: 

  • Olives
  • Rivita
  • Smoothies made with frozen berries
  • Protein shakes made with water or oat milk
  • Celery or carrots with Hummus 
  • Rice cakes
  • Nuts 
  • Halo Top Ice cream 

In this uncertain time, our team would like to remind you that we’re here for any support that you or your community needs. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for pieces of information on how to work from home, how to keep the kids entertained, how to manage people remotely and many more! 

We’ve got your back SP//