Moving on up, moving on out!

8th April 2017

Nicola Wilson

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2016 was a landmark year for Strategic with profits and turnover increasing by well over 30%, higher levels of niche appointments and a significant investment in training, recruitment, success coaching and technology.

We were delivering an ever more efficient and valuable service; our clients were happy and, of course, so were we.

The only problem? Our outsides didn’t match our insides! Our unique approach wasn’t reflected anywhere in our branding.

So we took a long hard look at our web presence and decided we needed to shake things up a little, cue a companywide brainstorm. Several (really quite fancy) sandwiches and a pile of post it notes later, we had an awesome plan!

We asked everyone in the company what they were most proud of about working for Strategic. The responses were quite heart-warming and ranged from maintaining mega-high standards and having an excellent reputation, through to personal stories of staff members being amazed at what they had achieved and how far they had come in a short space of time.

We had well over a hundred key statements about what it is like to work at Strategic and we started to spot some patterns.

‘Integrity’ was a theme that really hit home as our owner, Clare Daintith, has a reputation for setting high standards, a trait our team really buys into! Doing things right the first time is how we really save time overall.

Having a ‘people first’ approach was also key. We’re about relationships not transactions, and our training in emotional intelligence means that we dig a little deeper, and listen a little harder, to help our clients and candidates make decisions that stand the test of time. It’s probably no coincidence that repeat business has grown to a whopping 95% and we have never had to pay a rebate!

Next up – expertise. For us this means using our knowledge and skills to everyone’s advantage, working deep within our Business and Technology Change niche and always being alert to changing market forces. 10 years is a long time in recruitment and a rich database of relationships, not just names, helps us to do what we do smarter, faster and dare we say… better!

Last, but by no means least is our game changing mentality! We pride ourselves on being agile and embracing the very latest technologies, methodologies and training, taking full advantage of the best the market has to offer. More than that though, our will to win means we always go the extra mile to satisfy the needs of our clients and candidates. We don’t care about being ‘good enough’, we only want to be the best!

Once we had an even better understanding of what makes us tick, it was time to get a re-brand to match, enter (drum roll please….) the all new look Strategic People! Re-named and re-branded around the most important thing in our business, people!

Not content with a mere re-brand though, to complete our vision we needed a whole new environment that would allow our clients, candidates and staff to experience first-hand the difference that makes the difference at SP.

Our new office in Manchester’s uber cool Spinningfields achieves exactly that! We have sit stand desks for high energy work, a think tank for problem solving, chill out zones to give you space to catch up and even a games room for when we need to let off steam. An environment designed for the best, attracts the best so everybody wins. Don’t believe us? Come along and see for yourself!