Strategic People take on AngularConnect 2017 networking event

24th November 2017

Amy Murgatroyd

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Following the AngularConnect 2017 event, held at the ExCel Arena,  Matthew McKenna of Strategic People has shared his experience stating, “I can safely say the conference has got bigger and better in that time”.

Both my colleague, Colum Lynagh, and I sat through an enthralling Keynote by two of the biggest names in the Angular Community – Igor Minar & Jules Kremer and it definitely set the standard for the day. For us, the main point that resonated throughout was not the technical advancements with Angular, but actually the evolution of the community itself. With growth of ngGirls across Europe and the number of active users on rising by an extra 200K users in the past few months (reaching 999K at the start of Nov’17).

Strategic People take on AngularConnect 2017 networking event

Nonetheless, the main aim of the conference was to show off the latest and greatest advancements in the Technology itself, with over 40 separate sessions across the two days reflecting this.

To give you a hint, we had sessions on NgRx, Internationalization, Flexbox, CLI Tooling, Angular Elements (watch out for this) and lots more!

With the recent release of Angular 5 – utilising service workers and server side rendering, we noted a few developments with the upgrade that resounded across the 2 days. These include:

  • Increased “startup” and “runtime” performance
  • Enhanced code splitting
  • More efficient DOM manipulation
  • Whitespace optimization


From a recruitment perspective, a common theme we gather amongst Angular Developers is the fear of being behind-the-times, especially in a commercial setting. With Angular versions 2/4 and 5 (and with 6 in the pipeline) all being released in a short time frame – this is even more the case. However, after speaking to a number of developers at AngularConnect (some of whom are actually still using AngularJS (version1) in their current Tech Stack at. They felt when going back to their respective organisations, these dramatic improvements would surely enable them to advocate a transition to the latest version. Companies themselves simply cannot afford to be operating with old technologies, especially when trying to attract the best talent and then retain them for the long-term.

What can 2018 expect? Well… In 2018 Strategic People anticipate a significant rise in not only Developers transitioning to use the latest version of Angular, exploiting its benefits in full, but also organisations looking to “ramp-up” their Technology stack to incorporate this. The inevitable product is that 2018 will show an incalculable increase in the volume of requirements across the UK and Europe seeking engineers with knowledge or experience in this.

If you want to hear more about our experience at AngularConnect 2017 and how it may affect your organisation or career then please get in touch via LinkedIn or directly to the company on 0161 960 0116.