Strategic People’s guide to ace that interview

19th January 2018

Amy Murgatroyd

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Strategic People's guide to ace that interview

There was a period when people feared the interview process for more than just the pressure of wanting/needing the job. The root of this fear: Oddball questions designed to test the candidate’s ability to think out-of-the-box. Questions such as:

‘If space is infinite, how long can it go on for?’

‘Describe the colour yellow to a blind person.’

Luckily, this method of interviewing has become redundant for the most part.

Some employers have adopted a psychometric test to gain insight into candidate’s stability within a role using personality characteristics and aptitude (cognitive abilities).

Strategic People have created a training programme that begins at the point of interview and develops throughout the successful candidate’s career.

Here’s a secret; we want you to do well in the interview. Regardless of how nervous you feel and how tough the interviewer seems; the truth is we’re rooting for you.

Research the company thoroughly

Take time to look into what the company does, who they hire, what the culture is like, their core values. There is nothing less impressive than sitting chatting away with zero knowledge. Check out LinkedIn and blogs to get a feel for the company tone.

Tip: Search for your interviewer to see what they look like and stand to shake their hand before they greet you or integrate common interests you share with them into the conversation.Do not start a conversation about how many city goals were scored in the last game unless you can commit to a full conversation about it.


Understand the job description

Ensure that you know exactly what you are applying for and investigate any terms foreign to you. Be aware that employers may use internal terms within their job descriptions so ensure that you have completed detailed research and are prepared for any questions that might come up on the subject.


Draw comparisons between your resume and the job description

Put your mind in the place of the interviewer and try to predict what they will have seen from your CV that fits with their role. Think of work-related stories and give examples of scenarios where you went the extra mile to solve a problem, made a successful outcome, overcame a weakness or created a new process.


Practice speaking out loud about yourself

You’d be amazed how many people develop stutters when it comes to talking about themselves. It’s important to get comfortable talking about all the good things you have to offer, with the perfect balance of pride and consciousness. Sit in front of your mirror and think of the interview as a conversation.


Dress Professionally

The purpose of the interview is to be remembered and ultimately hired. Don’t be remembered for being ‘too much’, too casual, too scruffy, too put together, too bold. Your clothes should be neutral and allow your personality to shine through. An ironed shirt, clean suit or pencil skirt and blazer, matching socks and polished shoes will go a long way in your favour.


Waiting to be seen

This is the first impression that the company will have of you. Be patient and curious about the office. Don’t cause distractions to the working team while playing on your phone or putting on make-up. Use this time to run through the preparation you’ve done and imagine yourself working in the office for the company.


Bring copies of your CV

Have fresh neatly presented copies of your CV just in case it’s needed. You never know when someone will forget to send it over in time, or the printer will break or the interviewer will misplace it in their mountain of other potentials. It would also be beneficial to bring along evidence of your successes, such as: awards won, written references, proof of billings and earners.

Tip: To really stand out create a presentation about your understanding of the company, the role, the industry and where you think you fit in. Ensure that you have evidence to back up your statements and make a concrete sales pitch.


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