Your LinkedIn Profile: The Golden Ticket To Your Next Opportunity

6th May 2020

Amy Murgatroyd

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With the coronavirus pandemic making such an impact on our day-to-day lives, and the lockdown giving us a lot of spare time on our hands, maybe you’ve started to contemplate a fresh start in your career for when things return to normal. 

Searching for a new role on your own isn’t easy, so we want to help you get the best chances at finding that job that’s perfect for you. Your LinkedIn profile will be key to you finding your next opportunity, so it’s important that your profile is up to scratch. We have a few ideas on how you can create a stellar LinkedIn profile. 

Let’s start from the top… your profile picture. Don’t leave it blank, people like to put a face to the name. Choose a professional looking photo where you’re suitably dressed, this means no sunglasses. And most importantly, smile for the camera! Ensure that your LinkedIn banner stands out & showcases what matters to you. You can update your profile to show that you’re “open to new opportunities” through “add profile section”. Specify what job titles you are looking for, in what location and what kind of contract.

Summarise who you are in your ‘about’ section. Mention what you like to do, what’s important to you and what you are proud of. Take this opportunity to show your personality.

When adding job history make sure you’re using keywords, skills and job titles that makes you easy to find. You can add to your skills in the “add profile section”. On your job description make sure that you list the things that you personally did for the organisation, not what your team did. So make sure you’re using “I” not “We”.

Ask people you’ve worked with to write a recommendation for you. You can do this at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile, then also message them directly to follow up.

Finally, you can check the quality of your LinkedIn profile through and it will suggest areas to improve on.

By following these steps, you’ll have a LinkedIn profile that will really catch the eye of your next employer or client. To create a CV that will mirror match your now dynamite LinkedIn profile, check out our blog to standing out from the crowd.

If you’re open to opportunities and think that you might be ready for a new role, then contact us today: [email protected].

Stay safe & remember, we’ve got your back. SP//