The Interview Questions You Should Be Asking As A Candidate

26th October 2020

Amy Murgatroyd

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At the interview there’s always that eerie moment when your potential new employer asks you “Do you have any questions for me?” and more often than not, we shake our head and cross our fingers that we’ve done enough to secure us with the job offer. However, today you’ll be getting a list of dynamite questions that will get you more of an insight into the company that you could potentially join. Remember, it’s a positive signal when a candidate has the courage to ask a question that can challenge the interviewer. 

  1. What are the top three customers that you’ve won, and the top three customers that you’ve lost?

By asking this question you will be able to gauge how well they are doing in the market.

2. When you’ve done your best work here, what about the culture has enabled you to do that?

This questions will enable you to get an idea of whether or not the organisation is supportive in more than just the one transactional way of getting the job done.  

3. What specific initiatives has the company launched to improve diversity and inclusion?

As you will know, diversity and inclusion is paramount in any organisation, so it’s important to know what your potential new employer is doing to ensure that they see diversity and inclusion as an important factor of the business function. 

4.What common attributes have you found among people who join and are successful, versus those who aren’t?

The answer to this question will be an indicator as to what they value in terms of attitude and behaviours of employees. 

5. What are the top reasons that people have left the company of their own volition?

This could be quickly dismissed by the interviewer, but could also open up a window for conversation which could then be your window into what your role expectations are and their retention rates too. 

6.What’s the hardest piece of feedback you’ve received, and what’s the hardest feedback you’ve given?

Your interviewers answer will be a clear indicator of how well they deal with criticism, as well as how they value the voice of their employees.

7. What could I have done better during the interview process?

Here is your moment to get that valuable feedback that you may need if you’re not going to get this job offer. This feedback is essential in order for you to grow and develop, in eventually nail future interviews. Warning: If they respond to this question with “fine, everything was fine”, this is not a good sign. 

8. What will separate someone who is good at this job from someone who is really stellar?

Asking a question like this will allow you to assess and evaluate whether or not this company will value your skill set.

9. What will my first 30, 60 and 90 days look like? Do you have an idea of the first problems you want me to help solve?

This question is a great substitute for the classic question, “What would a typical day look like?” You can also take this as an opportunity to understand how quickly they expect you to develop and settle into the role, as well as how much support you will have in those early stages of the on-boarding process. 

10. How do you see this position evolving as the company grows?

Another dynamite question that will show your potential new employer that you are serious about the job, you see the bigger picture and you’re ambitious. Also, it will enable you to understand if the interviewer values this role and opens up a window of progression. 

By taking inspiration from the above questions, you’ll be able to probe your potential next employer and understand whether or not this role is right for you. The interviewer will also be super impressed that you’re asking questions too. If you’re looking for your next contract or permanent role, our friendly consultants are ready to take your call and fine your next perfect opportunity. SP//