Recruiting for the Evolving Tech Landscape

17th August 2017

Amy Murgatroyd

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Technology is moving at warp speed; new software is being developed and updated faster than we can train employees. This causes a problem with as every company wants and needs expertise in emerging technologies, but how do we recruit experts in technologies that have not even been developed yet?

How to Future proof candidates for emerging technologies

Without a crystal ball we cannot confidently predict what software will be released and therefore candidates cannot learn how to develop for these platforms and software solutions.

When new technology is released companies want to employ and expert, however, you can only become an expert through hours of usage and training which unless the candidates were involved in developing the software, they are not going to have.

At Strategic People, we recruit the individual, we find the needle in the haystack of candidates who are adaptable to change and enthusiastic about self-development.

Our CORE recruitment process means that we can identify a candidate not only based on their past CV and qualifications but their potential based on their personality and what drives them.

Companies who need to keep up with the ever changing technology landscape, need individuals who have the skill set to problem solve and reverse engineer back to a solution.

We place people to the job role and by doing this we can help you choose a candidate based on their potential as well as their experience.

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How do Strategic People Recruit the best candidates?


Strategic People have long term relationships with our clients because we identify what you want from an employee, now and in the future. We headhunt the best candidates and use our unique CORE process to find out what makes them tick and how well they will do the job now and in the future.

Because we look at the best fit for both the employee and the employer, we place long term candidates who are better value for your business. This is why in the past 2 years we have had 96% of companies come back to us to find the best employees for their company.