Make Your CV Stand Out From The Crowd

23rd April 2020

Amy Murgatroyd

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While you’re on lockdown and the future is a blur, you may as well get your CV looking box fresh. There is plenty of competition so it’s essential to get your first impression perfected (in the form of your CV). Our consultants have created a guide on how you can stand out from the crowd once you’re looking for new opportunities. 

How To Present Your CV 

1. Small paragraph describing your personality and style

2. Skills years of experience, tech skills, industry, experience, qualifications

3. Key Achievements – awards and other things that make you stand out from the crowd

4. Chronological order of work history

5. CV in bullet points when describing each role not just one long written piece

6. Contact details: mobile number, address, contact number, LinkedIn profile at the top

// Your CV should be no longer than 2/3 pages.

Our Tips

// Good spelling and grammar – because nothing says ‘I don’t care’ like bad spelling

// Spaces between paragraphs

// Make job titles & companies bold 

// Mention what your key achievement is and how you specifically have impacted the companies you have worked at (not the key achievements of the company or team you worked in)

// Use language and terminology that mirror matches the job you’re applying for

// Short roles – mention reasons for leaving & the number of extensions you’ve had on your contract 

// Like and share recruiter content on LinkedIn


Do Not

// Do not use graphs or pictures

// Submit it in a word format – must not be a PDF

// Do not include beer-related skills to your CV

When Applying For A Role

// Email your CV as well as applying on job board

// Bulletpoint on each part of the job spec and think about how you have that skill 

// Use evidence from your experience

// Highlight your availability and give times when you can speak 

// Always call a recruiter after you have sent the application


Points Of Contact With Recruiters

// Send CV 

// Call the recruiter

// Follow up message on LinkedIn to the recruiter

// Call and email recruiter again 


By following these guidelines your CV will be dynamite for when the time comes for job hunting. If you’re feeling like you would like to chat about a potential new role, we’re here to help. From the Strategic People to you, we hope that you are keeping safe and well. Try and maintain your routine and your wellbeing. Hang in there, stay at home and take care of yourself.


We’ve got your back. SP//