Top 5 Tech jobs

18th September 2017

Amy Murgatroyd

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Technology is booming, the fastest growing area for hiring, but not all tech jobs are created equally, whilst there are lots of opportunities in tech we look at some of the most sought-after technology jobs in the UK.

Strategic People have been recruiting for tech jobs for a decade, and we have seen the technology industry flourish as more and more startups and established tech companies are recruiting regularly to keep up with growth and demand.

Which Tech jobs are in the highest demand?

Software Architect

The top tech job in the UK (and internationally) is the role of a Software architect, it is the highest paying IT position and deservedly so as a software architect is expected to design the system from the bare bones, whilst also meeting the brief and anticipating solutions for any development problems. A software architect is also expected to have very good communication skills and even some project management skills depending on the specific job. A software developer is also expected to have a good understanding of usability and be able to solve design and development problems in real time.

There are a number of roles that come under the ‘software architect’ position, and some companies will have senior software architects and this often paves the way towards a CTO (Cheif Technical Officer) or CIO (Cheif Information Officer) position which is why these C level positions are some of the highest paying positions internationally.

Software architects in the UK can expect an average salary of £53,247 per year however in larger companies whom we recruit for, or different areas such as London you can expect this to be higher. We regularly recruit for Software Architects and even have a dedicated team to help source and manage candidates for these roles.

Data Architect/Scientist

Whilst the systems architect designs software and applications, a Data architect translates data, often described as a data scientist they experiment with data and processes and then use the resulting data to find the best solution. As Big Data is all around us and we have so many more ways to collect data, this role is by no means simple, analysing big data, identifying anomalies and segmenting data are all important processes to find relevancy and get results.

Data Architects have a fluid role, they may be involved in marketing, design, testing, development and many other areas but it is the role of the Data Architect to find and interpret the data in the ways that best meet the company or teams goals.

Data Architects are the people who help a company grow, they can find new opportunities and limit risk, they can also assist in securing new investment for companies or help justify a change of direction to board members and stakeholders.

Data Architects must have knowledge of data applications and systems such as Tableau, R, SQL, etc, also communication and presenting skills will help you grow within a company and become an invaluable team member, if a company can have you present your findings to clients or stakeholders then this will make you integral to the company.

A Data architects salary can be varied depending on your soft skills (such as communication) plus the company and area, there are also some good career progression in this area as data becomes more and more important.

Software engineer management

Management positions are always a career progression and in software engineering, you would need to not only have good technical skills but also good communication and project management skills as you would be in charge of a team of developers.

Being able to display both technical ability and leadership skills is key in this sought-after tech job as a manager in software engineering, you would head up a team that develops and maintains different types of software.
As such this combination of technical expertise and management skills could reward you with an average salary of £90K $110,000.

Software specialist

Jobs for Software Specialist require an excellent understanding of the software so you can provide technical support and sometimes customer support for the system, maintenance of the software and change management protocols are also part of the day to day requirements. As the go-to person for the software internally (and sometimes as expert support to consumers) you will be expected to document procedures and offer training and training resources.

Software specialist is obviously a key position and it is no wonder the average salary is around £50K although can go much higher up to £120K and above depending on the system and demand.

Applications development management

Mobile development and application development are becoming increasingly important, systems need to have mobile device accessibility and ideally an app that works on both apple and android devices.

As with any technical management positions you need to be able to demonstrate a good understanding of HTML5.Objective-C. Swift.C++ C# and Java, as well as being a good project manager, being able to organise and motivate a team and manage team and client expectations on delivery.

This is a growing industry and we are seeing a lot more jobs being recruited in this area, so it is no wonder the average salary for this is very high.

If you want to know more about these positions or other tech jobs get in touch today and we can help you find the right candidate/position for you.